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Academia & Research

Adjunct Professor

Georgetown University, Master of Professional Studies in Applied Intelligence Program

Courses Teaching: Electronic Intelligence Analysis

(Sections: MPAI-720-101, MPAI-720-102, MPAI-720-140, and MPAI-720-01)

"Today, effective intelligence analysts must be able to gather data from various electronic sources and draw insights from this information. This course focuses on equipping students with the skills to understand what data might need to be collected and how to analyze data from a variety of electronic sources—including metadata from telephones and signals data 

from radio and satellite sources. Students also review the controversial nature of electronic intelligence collection in light of recent public disclosures and controversies. Finally, students gain insights into the history of electronic intelligence analysis and learn how intelligence professionals employ these electronic intelligence techniques today."

For more details, please visit the program's website.

Student Reviews 

"The professor was engaged and left constructive criticism on assignments as well as discussion activities."


"Professor Bailey, provided detailed instructions for each assignment that enabled students to meet the weekly learning objectives. In addition, Professor Bailey, provided detailed feedback on graded items that allowed students to get better each week. The professor, also was available whenever students had questions or scheduling conflict and need assistance."

"Professor Taube-Bailey is extremely knowledgable and presents extremely thought provoking material in class, discussion posts and papers. Her material sharpened my sense of the intelligence field as well as ensuring I can confidently tackle the topic of electronic surveillance."

"The design of the course is enjoyable. I feel happy to do the home work of the course. The comment of the instructor increases my confidence and encourages me to learn more about the topic. I always feel free to communicate her regarding any issue I have faced during the course. She is always helpful and supportive. I have gained a positive learning experience from my instructor of this course. I am happy that I have her as an instructor in this course."

"Professor Bailey did a great job teaching this course. Even though it was online, Professor Bailey made it very interesting for all of us. There was always something new and interesting to learn. Professor Bailey is an amazing person. She is highly intelligent and has a great personality. She is very kind and made sure we had the least amount of stress. I'm so glad that I took this course and that I had a privilege to learn from Professor Bailey. Thank you so much for a wonderful Professor!"

"Professor Bailey is actually the reason I decided to commit to Georgetown. I was so impressed with her ability to explain things and her expertise is second to none."


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The information environment, especially news information, in the United States, Eurasia, China, and other countries; Propaganda, persuasion and influence; News media technologies, information integrity, and how publics engage with news in the current information environment and what this engagement will likely look like in the near future; How governments impact the fabric of society through media and how publics can impact positive change through various information mediums.

George Mason University, Ph.D. in Strategic Communication.


Dissertation research:  

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